Caracol (Snail)

Caracol is the largest Mayan archaeological site in Belize, Central America. In AD 650, the urban area of Caracol had a radius of approximately 10 kilometers around the site's epicenter. It covered an area much larger than present day Belize City (the largest metropolitan area in the country of Belize) and supported more than twice the modern city's population. Urban Caracol maintained a population of over 140,000 people through the creation of an immense agricultural field system and through elaborate city planning. Caracol is noted not only for its size during the Maya Classic era (A.D. 250-950), but also for its prowess in war; this includes an AD 562 defeat of Tikal (Guatemala) and a subsequent conquest of Naranjo (Guatemala) in AD 631

Caracol was discovered in 1938 by loggers; however, excavations on this massive Mayan archaeological site did not start until 1950 some 12 years after its discovery.

Caracol mayan ruins image one

At one point in time Caracol was linked together by some twenty miles of roadways originating from its epicenter. Today Caracol has been reclaimed by nature; however, it is in the process of being uncovered to it’s once glory days.

The beauty about Caracol is the adventure it takes to get to this truly spectacular Mayan Site, winding roads takes you though villages of the descendants of the Mayas. Stop at the Big Rock water fall or take a refreshing dip in the Rio on Pools all before continuing your journey to Caracol.

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Tour Duration: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm

What’s included: Transportation to and from your hotel, park entrance fee, tour guide, lunch, water and sodas

What's not included: We take care of everything

Level of Difficulty: Moderate – involves hiking, swimming, steps and hill climbing

Location: Mountain Pine Ridge/ South of San Ignacio Town

Travel time to site: A 2 hours scenic trip from San Ignacio Town

Remember to bring along: Sturdy hiking shoes, towel, bug spray, camera, sun screen, spending money for souvenirs